A Little Game We Play With Our Lovely Clients

We believe there should be more interactions between us and our clients. We will post random pictures on this page from time to time, picture of one of our ladies..

If you can guess who is in the picture, message us on Instagram or txt 02102246481 (During Our Business Hours), The first person who got it right will receive a discount towards his/her next booking. Please present the message to our friendly receptionist to redeem your discount.

                                                                                                                                                                    xx..  Amore

New Guess Who is up now  06/11


If you get the name of the lady is in the picture, you will have $20 Discount towards your next booking xx


We have a Winner on:  19/09

Note: Discounts can not be accumulated. Use discount on any lady of your choice. Discounts cannot be used with specials or extra services . These discount rates are not always the same so please keep an eye on this page..