Sensual Massage

What exactly are you letting yourself in for if you book a fully nude massage? Before you book in with one of the professional and experienced sensual masseuses at Amore, you may have questions about what a Fully nude sensual massage involves - especially if this is your first time..

A sensual massage can lead to a significant release of energy that helps you cohoe with the stresses and strains of life. Traditional massage has its benefits, of course. But a fully naked sensual massage can take an encounter with your chosen masseuse to the next level. the physical and emotional satisfaction experienced through meeting with a professional and attentive young & pretty massage therapist is hard to match. 


There are also other benefits to sensual massage beyond physical and mental release. this kind of therapy can help to boost sexual confidence, sex drive and lead to a new understanding of your own body. there is also a feeling of liberation from taboo that can inspire energies of excitement and positivity

Some of our ladies do offer extra services at their discretion. All extras are not included in the massage price. you are welcome to discuss with the ladies in the room but please note : We are not an escort agency, we do not provide full service(Sex).

Please do not ask for full service or your enquires will not be answered.

Wish you have a wonderful time.. 

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